Chicano Movement in Southwest USA:

Chicano! Mexican civil Rights Movement Quest For a Homeland this is a very good film that outlines the timeline starting with Reies Lopez Tijerina’s Alanza and the Land Grant Struggle. It also goes into depth about Corky and the involvement of Chicanos in the Campaign for the Poor and the beginnings of the Crusade for Justice. It also discusses the LA Chicano Moratorium. 

Los Angeles Times: Chicano Moratorium Series  This is a well produced series of stories about LA Protests on Aug. 29, 1970

La Voz (2015) . El Chicano Movimiento series: Crusade for Justice

Department of Washington History and Geography of the Chicano Movement. 

Colorado Public Radio (2019) . West High Blowout 50 year anniversary.

Denver Post (2009). The West High School 1969 Blowout

Colorado Public Radio (2015) Corky Gonzales Legacy Highlighted as Denver Names Library After Him

Southwest Crossroads; Cultures and Histories of the American South West

Denver Library Corky Gonzales Overview Escuela Tlatelolco’s biography of Corky

Colorado Public Radio (2018) Discussion on Latino History

Los Sies de Boulder. This site is dedicated to raising awareness of the six Chicanos killed in a car bombing in Boulder in 1974. This unsolved car bombing is shrouded in conspiracy.

Boulder County Latino History Classroom Lessons— This is a really cool site that has loads of lesson plans created for Teachers who want to bring Latino history into the classroom.  


1920’s Immigration:

The Chicana in American History: The Mexican Women of El Paso 1880-1920-A Case Study: Mario T. Garcia

New York Historical Society Article on The El Paso Strike of 1919


1930’s Repatriation:

Dillingham Commission on Immigration: 1907-1910 Review of Potential impacts of immigration on the US Article on 1930 Repatriation Article on Mexican Discrimination 

How Border Crossing Became a Crime

Democracy now! Decade of Betrayal Film

NPR News Story

Latin Trends Post

INS Review of Federal Actions

Dies, Martin Jr. (Apr. 20, 1935). Immigration Crisis, Sunday Evening Post

Time Article on 30’s Deportation

The Forgotten Repatriation of Persons of Mexican Ancestry and Lessons for the War on Terror

Stimulus to Repatriation: The 1931 Federal Deportation Drive and the Los Angeles Mexican Community


Balderrama, Francisco E., and Raymond Rodriguez. Decade of Betrayal: Mexican Repatriation in the 1930s. University of New Mexico Press, 2006.

Sanchez, George J. Becoming Mexican American: Ethnicity, Culture, and Identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945. Oxford University Press, 1995


Bracero Program 1942-66:

Bracero Documentary, KVIE

UC David Bracero Overview of Bracero Program

Bracero Archive: A site dedicated to capturing photos, stories, and information on the Bracero program

Econ Paper reviewing Labor Market Impacts of Bracer Program: Immigration Restrictions as Active Labor Market Policy: Evidence from the Mexican Bracero Exclusion


Chicanos in the Vietnam War: 

On Two Fronts: Latinos & Vietnam This is a great film created in conjunction with many Chicano Vietnam War vets. It starts with the story of Everett Alverez, the first Navy pilot shot down and taken hostage. It also discusses the disparities among Chicanos selected by the draft. One strength of this films is that it discusses the complex relationship between Chicanos and the military as many viewed military service as the highest honor and were eager and proud to fight for their country. It briefly discusses some of the emerging war protest but does not go into Vigil’s story or the importance that war protests had in creating the Chicano movement in the 70’s. 

Boys from the Bario This is a short film about military veterans creating a monument in Scottsbluff Nebraska dedicated to the service members from the bario. It also has my Uncle Joe in it.

Ralph C. Guzmán–Researcher who published The Mexican Americans: Our Second Minority, proving a disproportionate number of Mexican Americans were dying in Vietnam

The Invisible Force: Latinos at War in Vietnam Short article with a few good stories and photos.

Soldados: Chicanos in Vietnam is an independent documentary with stories about Latinos serving in Vietnam. 

Voices Veteranos: Mexican America and the Legacy of Vietnam is a great film that has many first person stories from veterans.